How to Choose the Best HVAC Software for Your Service Business

January 12, 2023

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Running an HVAC business means wearing a lot of different hats. The good news is that the best HVAC software can help make it easier to provide speedy and attentive service for your customers and dispatch and track your technicians, as well as keeping your prices competitive and managing your business finances.

Using specialized software will help you save money and run your company more efficiently because it handles more of the company functions that you need to succeed.  

First things first.


What is HVAC Software?  

HVAC software is a field service technology that automates and improves your key functions so that you can save time and money and operate more profitably. The best HVAC software helps you schedule and dispatch the right techs for the job, allows you to market to your customers more efficiently, and gives you integrated accounting so that you can stay on top of your cash flow and you’ll always know how your business is performing.  

How Dedicated HVAC Software Can Help You Transform your Service Business  

If you’re running some aspects of your service business using spreadsheets and looking for ways to streamline your processes and allow you to run your operations more smoothly, you should consider HVAC software. Your customers expect convenience, and you can deliver better service to them, as well as save time and money by implementing software designed for businesses like yours.

Specialty HVAC software is designed to handle inbound service calls and includes features like job mapping tools, as well as business organization tools like contract management and accounting.  

Here are a few ways HVAC software can help your business: 


  • Dispatch: If your software allows you to drag and drop technicians, you can schedule your techs with more flexibility. 
  • Single source of data: software that allows you to share data between your back office and your technicians which helps you to eliminate duplicate entry so you save time and have more accurate information.  
  • Mobile enabled HVAC software helps you improve communications with your techs and your customers. You can even send updates to let customers know when their service tech will arrive. And your techs can create work orders and invoices from the customer site. 
  • Go paperless. Save money and time with software that facilitates digital invoicing, reporting, and inventory maintenance.  

Is HVAC Software Right for my Business? 

When you’re considering a big change for your business like integrating new HVAC software, you want to make sure you’re ready and that there’s a business case for the change. Your mileage, as they say, may vary, but here’s some basic guidelines. 

Infographic Called It's Time to Invest in HVAC Software When

Even if you’re just starting out, if you meet the above criteria, HVAC software will benefit your business because it will help you save time by creating more efficient schedule organization and task assignments. You should also be able to track detailed client histories, including previous service work orders, equipment purchases, and all customer conversations.  

HVAC software is made for service companies, which means it’s designed to manage and automate specialized needs better than off the shelf accounting and CRM software.

Checklist for Choosing the Best HVAC Software for Your Service Business 

But how do you choose among all the service software options? Here are some questions to ask when you’re looking for the Best HVAC software for your company.  

  1. Does your software allow you to track statistics on a Dashboard? You’ll want to make sure you can track a few performance items like technician sales figures, tech efficiency, and scheduling statistics.  
  2.  Does the software come with integrated accounting tools that allow you to run your finances? With a single system to run your entire business, everyone from your office staff to your technicians can use the same data. That means it’s easier to report on the key performance indicators that show when it’s time to course correct. 
  3.  What about Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features? Does the software track customers’ information, job history, status of maintenance contract? Is there a way to create notes about conversations with customers?  
  4. What types of automations does your software provide that will help improve your operations and processes? Can you eliminate administrative tasks like rekeying invoice information? Make sure the software you choose allows you to offload some of the repetitive processes.  
  5. What about mobile? Does your software work from customer sites? Can you create an invoice on any mobile device? Can you refer to the customer history or order a piece of equipment from a preferred supplier? Can your techs add equipment to a work order on site?  
  6. Finally, it’s important to check customer reviews. What are HVAC businesses saying about the software? Does the company care for and support its users? Do they truly understand the needs of HVAC contractors or is the company focussed on good marketing? 



With HVAC software like Shafers that’s designed for the service industry, you’ll be able to better manage scheduling and dispatching technicians, handle your invoicing process more easily so you can stay cash flow positive, as well as continuing to improve and expand your relationships with your customers.  

Choosing the best HVAC software for your business is the one of several ways to grow your business. Check out our post with more tips about how to start an HVAC business.  

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