CRM for Service Businesses

CRM for Service Businesses

Build a Better Customer Experience

Like most service businesses, you’re probably searching for the best ways to build stronger relationships with your customers. Our proven customer relationship management (CRM) for service businesses provides the tools you need to understand your customers better so you can deliver a better overall experience. With a complete customer history at your fingertips, your dispatchers, technicians, and office staff will be able to keep your customers happy with exceptional personalized service every time.

Built In Sales and Customer Retention Tools That Anyone Can Use

At Shafers, our customer database is the foundation for everything you do to make your service business successful. Our CRM for service businesses makes it easy to filter information and use it to target new markets. Create a list of customers from a geographic area where you want to be more competitive and produce a mailing campaign to invite them to try your services or alert your existing customers with proactive notifications when their equipment nears the end of its warranty.

Track leads, prospects,
and new sales.

Filter specific targets for marketing campaigns, such as customers who haven’t renewed their service agreements.

Create discounts for customers who meet certain criteria, such as a geographic area.

Keep Your Entire Team in the Loop

Explorer Shafers allows you to track every customer interaction from that first job to emergency calls to maintenance agreement reminders. Creating files that everyone in your company can access allows your team to deliver consistent, knowledgeable service so that you can earn repeat business from your customers. Your dispatchers can assign jobs to the technicians with appropriate skillsets and your techs can offer the best replacement equipment while they are on site.

Track key customer data like service history, equipment installed, warranty expiration and more.

Easily add information from new customers using our templates, and the data is distributed so it can be used by dispatch, your technicians, and your office staff.

Shafers has grown with us over the years from our business of 25 employees to nearly 200 employees today

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This is Renee

Her calming influence and natural empathy make her a real asset in a time crunch. And she’s a pretty quick problem solver too. Renee enjoys sharing her home with her rescue cats and all their silly antics.

We’re Here When You Need Us

Unlike other software vendors, we’ll never end of life your software. Period.

When you have a question about how to track and prioritize a service call, you want someone who knows the software inside and out, and also has a deep understanding of the service business. And, since most of our experts have been with us longer than Tom Brady played in the NFL, we’ve pretty much seen it all.

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Field Service Management Software Support & Training

We’ll Get You Where You Need to Go

Our US based team is friendly, experienced, and deeply committed to the HVAC and service management businesses we serve. From training to support – and everyone in between – we take pride in building relationships. That means no support chat bots, generic training videos or cookie cutter solutions. Just real people, offering real solutions to get you where you need to go.

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