Service Agreement Software

Service Agreement Software

Never Leave Money on the Table

Customer service agreements and the consistent revenue they generate are the foundation of most HVAC, plumbing, electrical, pest control, and locksmith service businesses. But if you don’t know when your costs have erased your margins, or you’re struggling to send out renewal reminders, then you could be missing some earnings. Shafers service agreement software is an easier, more efficient way to manage customer service agreements.

Service Agreements Made Easy

Our complete service agreement software makes it simple to schedule renewals, provide excellent maintenance for your customers, and know when to increase pricing. With Explorer Shafers you can reduce the administrative burden of managing service agreements and track valuable customer information that will help you keep your customers happy.

Know Exactly How Your Service Agreements Are Performing

With an integrated accounting module that provides accurate, timely cost breakdowns it’s easy to see which service agreements are making money and which ones are more trouble than they’re worth. That way, come renewal time you can negotiate a better agreement so you can turn your money losers into moneymakers.

Eliminate double entry of your accounts and free your staff to develop new customer relationships.

Send Invoices on Time, Every Time

Say goodbye to the hassle of service agreement paperwork. Instead, you can create smarter service agreement billing with our incremental billing feature. Send invoices based on the agreed upon billing cycle and easily review agreements that are ready for billing. Send invoices on a regular, predictable schedule, and make it easier for your customers to pay you on time.

Effortlessly handle billing, renewals, invoicing, discounting and more.

Set billing schedules for annual, semi-annual, quarterly, and monthly cycles.

Optional escrow accounting allows you to maintain control of pre-paid or escrow balances or records.

Drive More Consistent Revenue

Busy service businesses thrive on renewing repeat customers and it’s no secret that customers who are on service agreements are more likely to stay with you. Landing new customers is both more difficult and more expensive than holding onto the ones you have. Explorer Shafers helps you mine your database for customer gold that helps you keep on top of your renewals and alerts you when it’s time to schedule maintenance visits.

Set up marketing campaigns with promotional emails and renewal letters.

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