About Us

About Us

Our Service Contracting Roots Run Deep

Explorer Shafers is different from other service software out there. We’re a small but mighty team with big hearts and lots of experience. We listen so that we can truly understand you and your challenges. At Shafers, we build long lasting loyal relationships with our customers like the ones you’re building with your customers. We promise to never end of life your software.

Our roots are in service contracting. Shafers started with the goal of creating a single, easy to use system for all types of contractors. Bob Shafer was an HVAC contractor for decades and when he couldn’t find the kind of responsive, powerful field service software he needed, he got to work and built it himself. We’ve been building on his goal with the same can-do attitude ever since.

Made for the Hardworking People in the Service Business

At Shafers, we love helping HVAC and service contractors because you are the people who work tirelessly to keep our homes and offices comfortable and safe. You work hard every day, getting your hands dirty to build a better life for yourselves and for your families. Respect. That’s why we want to help you get more out of your service business by providing powerful, user-friendly software that helps you run your business more easily so you can do more of the things you love.

Five people smiling at the camera in front of a business sign

This is the team at Cytech Heating & Cooling – loyal Shafers users & HVAC professionals with a knack for fantastic service

(Photo courtesy of Cytech).

Our goal is to provide you the tools and support you need to succeed without limits. We know life is short. All you can do is help people.

Key Members of Your Shafers Team

Man called Cesar standing up and smiling at the camera in a backyard

This is Cesar

Our very own Mr. Congeniality. He started out as a parts runner back when Shafers was an HVAC company. These days he supports our customers with the kind of patience and dad humor you only develop after raising 3 children (and countless dogs).

Couple showing a man and woman standing under a lemon tree with the woman holding some lemons

This is Michele

(and his beautiful wife of 30+ years, Chevie)

Michele is our go-to-guy for all things technical. He’s also a great dad who makes a mean pizza using fresh ingredients picked from his family’s farm. A triple threat.

Woman called Renee taking a selfie with a cat covering her mouth and nose

This is Renee

Her calming influence and natural empathy make her a real asset in a time crunch. And she’s a pretty quick problem solver too. Renee enjoys sharing her home with her rescue cats and all their silly antics.

Man called Savio looking off into the distance with a lot of nature in the background

This is Savio

He’s the only Canadian in the bunch, so naturally he’s extremely polite and helpful. But don’t let his reserved demeanor fool you, he’s smart as whip and a whiz with all things programming.

Man called Shawn looking at the camera

This is Shawn

His big personality means he makes stuff happen. And that’s great news for the customers (and dogs) he’s trying to help. He also happens to be extremely committed to the long term success of our software.

Lady smiling called Tracy who is sitting down in a cozy living space

This is Tracy

She loves digging into customer problems, so she can offer the right solution. And don’t get her started on optimizing your processes. She loves that (almost) as much as she loves her grandchildren.

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