Inventory Management Software

Inventory Management Software

Uncomplicated Inventory Management Software Your Team Will Love

Inventory management software can be a tough sell to your team. The last thing they want is to waste time fussing with overcomplicated software or trying to integrate a bolt-on system. Shafers inventory is made for service contractors like HVAC, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, pest control, and locksmiths, so if your tech adds a part using Shafers Mobile, the system automatically tracks the transfer from the truck, updates stock quantities, and even adds the part to the job. Shafers inventory handles all the details, so your team doesn’t have to.

Protect Your Margins, Maximize Profit

If you don’t have the right tools, figuring out whether buying in bulk is worth the extra storage cost can be downright painful. Shafers makes it easy for you to see exactly how much you paid per part and how much you’re selling it for. We’ll even automatically update the pricing on new inventory, so your markup always stays intact.

With Shafers, you can quickly identify:

When you should pull the trigger on bulk discounts

When it’s time to raise your prices

When parts are covered by warranty (so you don’t pay twice)

Which vendor offers the best price on parts

Which vendor gives discounts for paying faster

Take Stock and Control Inventory

To do the best job and sell more services, your technicians need to arrive at the job prepared. Our inventory management software effortlessly tracks all your part information, so your techs always show up with the parts they need to get the job done. Don’t have the necessary parts for an upcoming job? Use our mobile app to quickly search all inventory locations, so you can plan your daily route efficiently and save on gas.

Negotiate your Way to Better Contracts

When it’s time to negotiate contracts with your vendors, it pays to be prepared. Shafers inventory management software puts all the relevant data at your fingertips. That transparency means you can negotiate a fair and competitive price for your parts every time.

Shafers gives us everything we need to manage our business.

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Unlike other software vendors, we’ll never end of life your software. Period.

When you have a question about how to track and prioritize a service call, you want someone who knows the software inside and out, and also has a deep understanding of the service business. And, since most of our experts have been with us longer than Tom Brady played in the NFL, we’ve pretty much seen it all.

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Our US based team is friendly, experienced, and deeply committed to the HVAC and service management businesses we serve. From training to support – and everyone in between – we take pride in building relationships. That means no support chat bots, generic training videos or cookie cutter solutions. Just real people, offering real solutions to get you where you need to go.

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