Dispatch Software

Dispatch Software

Dispatch Your Competition

A service business is only as efficient as its dispatch software. Growing your field service business and adding more customers is impossible if you can’t complete your calls effectively. Our powerful dispatch software helps you handle more calls and ensure your techs show up prepared to delight your customers every time.

Data You Need, When You Need It

Explorer Shafers dispatch software puts all the information you need at your fingertips. That means better scheduling and planning for your dispatch team and more efficient routing for your field technicians. With our integrated mobile app you can even dispatch calls directly to your field technician’s mobile device for maximum efficiency.

My dispatchers can handle twice as many calls with Shafers Mobile and my billing clerk can handle 4x as much paperwork – all while reducing fuel costs and windshield time by half.

Corey Rodgerson

Climate Heating & Cooling

Complete Visibility for All Operations

Shafers dispatch software provides a visual overview of your service operations backed by smart technology so that your whole service team can work more productively. With a clear view of your jobs by status and schedule date, it’s easier to dispatch emergency calls and find ways to reduce waiting times for all of your customers.


Using our drag and drop dispatch board, your dispatchers can ensure technicians with the correct skillset are assigned to a particular job and make the most effective scheduling choices.


With easy access to a complete customer history, your techs will arrive on site prepared to provide the best service and offer the correct replacement equipment when necessary.


Don’t add needless fuel costs or van mileage. Shafers helps you plot the most efficient routes and saves you money.

Eliminate Keystrokes With Once & Done Software.

Shafers fully integrated dispatch software connects with Accounts Receivable and with the customer master file, which contains a complete customer history. That means that you don’t waste time rekeying customer data like their address and equipment installation dates when a call comes in.

The technical staff support is outstanding! They are very knowledgeable and easy to deal with when I have a question or problem. They can fix things right away and I am back to work again.

Susan Wood

Salem Heating & Sheet Metal Inc.

Woman called Renee taking a selfie with a cat covering her mouth and nose

This is Renee

Her calming influence and natural empathy make her a real asset in a time crunch. And she’s a pretty quick problem solver too. Renee enjoys sharing her home with her rescue cats and all their silly antics.

We’re Here When You Need Us

Unlike other software vendors, we’ll never end of life your software. Period.

When you have a question about how to track and prioritize a service call, you want someone who knows the software inside and out, and also has a deep understanding of the service business. And, since most of our experts have been with us longer than Tom Brady played in the NFL, we’ve pretty much seen it all.

A group of people posing for the camera – the team of Explorer Shafers

Field Service Management Software Support & Training

We’ll Get You Where You Need to Go

Our US based team is friendly, experienced, and deeply committed to the HVAC and service management businesses we serve. From training to support – and everyone in between – we take pride in building relationships. That means no support chat bots, generic training videos or cookie cutter solutions. Just real people, offering real solutions to get you where you need to go.

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