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How Carey Heating is Going Mobile to Boost Efficiency 

July 19, 2023

Shea Carey grew up watching her father run his HVAC service business, Carey Heating & Air Conditioning, in Bardstown Kentucky. After spending some time working in a different industry, she recently returned home to work in the family business with the long term goal of helping her father step back from the day to day details of running of his service business.  

Carey Heating & Air Conditioning provides residential HVAC services and manages Service Agreements for its customers in Nelson County, Kentucky. The company has used Shafers software for 20 years, and now that Carey has returned to work with her father, she’s looking forward to handling more of the business processes using Shafers.  

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“My dad likes to deal with paper. Now, I’m in here and our other office person wants to make her job easier too.”

Carey says that in her town, “Everybody knows our vehicles. Everybody knows our logo. We have an install crew of five people, and they work extremely efficiently to get installations done fast and well.” 

Because of her experiences in other industries, Carey says “I want more technology because I know how helpful it can be. That’s my goal going forward with helping my dad so he can retire and still be a part of the business, but not be here all the time.” 

Even though she’s relatively new to working in the HVAC business, Carey says it’s easy to find the information she needs in Shafers. With a staff of ten employees, Carey also knows that improving communications by using mobile software tools can enable the company to serve its customers even more quickly and efficiently.   

To achieve better communication and improve efficiencies, Carey Heating & Air Conditioning is in the process of implementing Shafers Mobile Pro to make it easier to distribute information from dispatch to its service techs, as well as to more efficiently deliver and process customer invoices. “Mobile Pro is going to make life much easier.” 

Adding Mobile Pro means the company must change some business processes and ensure its technicians are up to speed on the new features. The entire transition is being handled by Shafers with training support for the company’s technicians and installers, as well as the conversion of existing documentation so that it’s accessible using the new mobile tools.  

Carey says that this kind of helpful customer service is one of the reasons her HVAC company has been a loyal Shafers customer. “The staff are super quick with responses even when they are not in the office. Everyone’s extremely nice and easy to work with!”  

With Mobile Pro, Carey is looking to make her business more efficient, and she acknowledges efficiency is also one of the best things about being a Shafers customer. “They are so quick to help out if we ever have an issue.”  

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